Officers & Board

Officers Of The Corporation

Founding Co-Chairs
Dr. An Wang & Mrs. Lorraine C. Wang

Mark Weld

Vice Chairman
David L. Balter

Vice Chairman
Jeffrey S. McCormick

Vice Chairman
Courtney Wang

Mark J. McHugh

Elliot M. Surkin

President & CEO
Josiah A. Spaulding, Jr.

Board of Directors

David L. Balter
Lee Bell
Ernest A. Boch, Jr.
Darren J. Donovan
Margaret J. Fofonoff
Aaron A. Gilman
Stephen P. Giulietti
Scott Levy
John C. MacNeil
Mark J. McHugh
Carmen R. Monks
Elizabeth M. Nichols
Mary-Kathleen O'Connell
Charles A. Polachi Jr.
Nathan E. Pusey
Frank Rudewicz
Scott Savitz
Jill Shah
Spring Sirkin
Courtney Wang
Mark Weld
Gregory A. White

Board of Overseers

Alexander Choquette
Barry R. Finegold
AJ Gerritson
Susan M. Gorman
Julia M. Kew
Michael R. Leary
Jenny H. Noonan, Co-Chair
Jeremiah J. Noonan, Co-Chair
Anne C. O'Neil
Katy O'Neil
Elizabeth Riley
John C. Rives
Holly P. Safford
Gail Sobha Lynes

This list reflects the Officers, Directors and Overseers of the Boch Center as of November 16, 2017.

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